Infectious Disease

With Ryan White Care Act funding, the Center provides a broad range of preventive and clinical services. Our thoroughly trained and dedicated team offers a collocation of services that includes primary care, infectious disease specialty care, behavioral health, HIV nutrition counseling, HIV outreach education, HIV nursing services, and data coordination. Care also includes the extensive lab work necessary for management of the disease, referrals to specialists, and support for other issues such as dental care and medication adherence.  Additionally, HIV medical case managers ensure that our patients have adequate housing, access to their medications, and support with the family and environmental stressors that may be affecting their care.

Specific services include:

  • HIV promotion, prevention and outreach – with a particular emphasis on providing programs in the schools and in the larger community with Ryan White Part D support for outreach to adolescents. 
  • Counseling and testing – In accordance with the CDC recommendation, FHCHC has implemented universal testing as part of our mission to provide comprehensive primary care.  We provide testing as well as education and counseling for nearly 1,500 patients a year. 
  • Comprehensive Primary Care and Adherence services – Every year FHCHC provides comprehensive primary care and adherence services to more than 100 individuals living with HIV or AIDS. Our services are supported by Ryan White Care Act Part A and Ryan White Early Intervention Services Care Act Part C funding.